Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Vancouver Aquarium Coupon: A Must Have

Family trips, vacation and recreational activities are always fun and memorable. Family members get to be with each other and bond despite the busy fast-paced life. Nevertheless, these trips would be more interesting if you get discount coupons for the places that you and your family want to visit. You would save an amount of your allotted getaway budget. Thus, it is best to secure discount coupons a week or perhaps a month before your trip.

If your family is planning to visit Canada, Vancouver Aquarium is one of the most popular sites to visit. The good news is it treats visitors with discount coupons! Previously on this blog, Vancouver Aquarium was introduced. By now, you know the services and amenities that the marine center in store for you. You are now also aware that there is one coupon offered by the Aquarium which has $1 discount for each regular admission.

You need not to dine in a certain restaurant or join any promo contest just to get the $1 discount Vancouver Aquarium Coupon. All you need to do is save the image, prepare your printer, hit the print button and alas! You are now ready to visit the site!

The better news is that 5 people are catered by each coupon. It is really intended for a small to a large group of visitors. You may print a couple of copies for use if you’re more than 5 in a group.

I believe that the factors mentioned earlier are reasonable to declare that Vancouver Aquarium Coupon is a must have for outings especially if you are a lover of the marine world.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Online purchase of Vancouver Aquarium tickets and other coupons

Do you want to enjoy this coming weekend and do a recreational activity with your family and friends? But, are you too busy to go out from the office or home to buy coupon of Vancouver Aquarium? Do you spend more time on the internet? Good news! You can buy your ticket at the comfort of your office or home. With this, you’ll avoid the busy city street. No hassle in lining up and more time will be saved.

General ticket price admission of adult is $21 while for students, teenagers (13-18 years old) and senior citizens (65 and up) is at $16. $13 is ticket price for children (4-12 years old). 3 years old and below can enter the area for free.

There are also special offers. If you present a valid pass like FareSaver, Farebox, FareCard or Employer Pass, then, you’ll get $2 discount on admission. As for the locales who are touring their out of town friends, $2 discount will be given through presenting the DayPass. Students, children and elderly with GoCard are discounted for $7 or $9.

Meanwhile, coupon tickets are also available as treats of different institutions and establishments. Harbor Cruises and Events is giving away a 10% off coupon to any scheduled tour while Capilano Suspension Bridge, Science World and Vancouver Art Gallery are offering $1 off to each regular admission. Dr. Sun-Yat Sen Garden, Vancouver Lockout, Minter Gardens and Burnaby Village Museum are giving away $2 off on each regular admission. Stanley Park Horse-Drawn Tours has the biggest treat with $5 off on regularly scheduled tours. Hell’s Gate Airtram is giving coupons with $3 off for each regular adult admission and $1 for each senior citizen. 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Next Seen on Vancouver Aquarium: PENGUINS

Are you excited to see those birds swim and not fly? Those tinted in black and white? Isn’t it exciting to see real happy feet in Vancouver? I guess we will not be imagining those for so long. Today, the Vancouver Aquarium PR has finally confirmed that they will be getting penguins for their aquarium probably this March.

The full details of these penguins are still not disclosed as it is still a working progress. Vancouver Aquarium also said they will be featuring a composition of Happy Feet in a Polar Express set-up for their 4D theatre. Along with this, they will be launching their newest penguin exhibit. The move is clearly aligned with their goal of conquering not just the Arctic which was featured in their past exhibits. This time, they’re ready for a full Antarctic expansion.

One kind of penguin the Vancouver Aquarium aims to bring in is the African Penguins. It is sometimes called “the bray” and is native to southern African waters. The bray is listed as one of the endangered species in the Red Data Book. Within twelve years, it has dramatically dropped its numbers from 200, 000 to 55,000.
But this endangerment is the exact reason why Vancouver Aquarium chooses their kind as a prime candidate for their aquarium primarily for conservation. 

More researches have been made by Vancouver Aquarium about other marine life and commercial fishes to be featured soon on their place. This means we will be expecting interesting penguins in Vancouver. More reasons why we need to gather up those Vancouver Aquarium coupons to avail of their future surprises.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Enjoy Vancouver Aquarium with discount coupons

Want a perfect family vacation? All of us do. But it entails a bigger amount of money to be able to treat your entire family. The best deal to get this is having Vancouver Aquarium Discount Coupons.

Vancouver Aquarium has become one of the most popular tourist spots in Canada. The place holds a huge number of marine species from all over the world. It stores more than 70,000 creatures like whale, dolphin, and sea animals. The Aquarium also showcases marine shows for both outdoors and indoors. Most of these activities are interactive which gives audiences a chance to interact with sea animals and have an unforgettable experience.

But one thing that makes the Vancouver Aquarium more attractive is its discount coupons which can be obtained from different websites. But others have attest that good discount coupons are found in Entertainment books, local publications, and in the yellow pages of Vancouver.

The coupons can be used in various ways. They can be used in buying gift items at the gift shop and for parking. They can be exchanged for food items in different cafes in the Aquarium. So if you’re looking for a fun way to enjoy holidays under a tight budget, you may start looking for those coupons now.

Another way to have these coupons is through inquiring your travel agents. If you have booked for a trip to Canada and a tour in Vancouver Aquarium, better ask these agents to secure you with these coupons. Hotels in Vancouver which you will likely be staying also give out these coupons in the information desk. Still having a hard time? You may check the Vancouver Aquarium website for the best deals they offer.