Monday, February 27, 2012

Next Seen on Vancouver Aquarium: PENGUINS

Are you excited to see those birds swim and not fly? Those tinted in black and white? Isn’t it exciting to see real happy feet in Vancouver? I guess we will not be imagining those for so long. Today, the Vancouver Aquarium PR has finally confirmed that they will be getting penguins for their aquarium probably this March.

The full details of these penguins are still not disclosed as it is still a working progress. Vancouver Aquarium also said they will be featuring a composition of Happy Feet in a Polar Express set-up for their 4D theatre. Along with this, they will be launching their newest penguin exhibit. The move is clearly aligned with their goal of conquering not just the Arctic which was featured in their past exhibits. This time, they’re ready for a full Antarctic expansion.

One kind of penguin the Vancouver Aquarium aims to bring in is the African Penguins. It is sometimes called “the bray” and is native to southern African waters. The bray is listed as one of the endangered species in the Red Data Book. Within twelve years, it has dramatically dropped its numbers from 200, 000 to 55,000.
But this endangerment is the exact reason why Vancouver Aquarium chooses their kind as a prime candidate for their aquarium primarily for conservation. 

More researches have been made by Vancouver Aquarium about other marine life and commercial fishes to be featured soon on their place. This means we will be expecting interesting penguins in Vancouver. More reasons why we need to gather up those Vancouver Aquarium coupons to avail of their future surprises.

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